Creativity is not about the outcome but the process;
the experience of creation. So, here we go...

Middle School Graduation

June 17, 2015

8th Grade Graduation Theme- Oh, the places Aardvarks go!


As the 8th graders entered the school they were greeted with a construction cone (50 cents) and tubing (free) I found at the rebuilding store. I spray painted the cone and tubing and added boa’s below the BIG balloon.


As the kids go up to the cafeteria, gardening posts are flag poles striped with Kraft tape and pink flags celebrating their graduation year.


As they walk into the cafeteria they are greeted with more painted construction cones (triangular and tall) and a walk down the red carpet for a little step and repeat action.


I ordered the step and repeat from Rented white plastic stanchions and red carpet. Used feather boa’s as the rope between stanchions.


Back home starting to spray paint the cones and tubing from Rebuilding center.

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