Creativity is not about the outcome but the process;
the experience of creation. So, here we go...

Auction gifts made by kids

November 22, 2016

Are you fresh out of ideas on what to make for this years class auction project…Hopefully, this will help.


I bought a divider and glass pates. Had the kids paint the glass plates. After sealing the plates. My handy man cut holes in the divider and framed the glass plates inside the divider. I then painted the divider and antiqued it with sand paper.


Does this look familiar? Maybe if you were at Michaels during the Christmas season it would. This is one of the wire angels with lights on it. I took off all the lights and wings. The kids paper mache’d the body of the angle with old stamps and receipts. My handy man made the wings out of pressed board. I had the kids make tiles. Once the tiles were placed on the wood wings I filled the rest of the space with broken pieces of plates and cemented everything into place (the wings are very heavy). The angel had a whole in the back that we could affix the wings too.

Bird Portrait: These two portraits were made by the kids. Each child picked out different parts of a bird (legs, beak, body and tail). Then with color markers colored each bird. I painted the background teal and  tree limbs brown. I placed each bird on the limbs with spray mount. I then sprayed ultra cover 2x over the entire portrait. Each child autographed each bird somewhere on it’s body.


My friend made this bird mobile for me. I added the bird house (purchased from a bird store). But was thinking if I had to make another auction gift it would be great to have each child make paper mache birds or hand sewn birds representing each of them. The bird house can represent the school and the kids can decorate this with felt objects and the schools name.

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