Creativity is not about the outcome but the process;
the experience of creation. So, here we go...

About Trina


Sagebrush is something I saw a lot of growing up in a rural town in Eastern Oregon. Everyone knew everyone. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a great group of friends. We soon discovered with our CREATIVE THINKING (I think we started cow tipping) we could conquer the boredom and entertain ourselves with joy and laughter. Sage Brush reminds me of home and where my creativity all started.

I now live in Portland, Oregon and have been blessed with my inspirational husband and our two wonderful boys and step daughter.

This blog is about self-expression, nurturing something into life and blessing the creator and anyone it catches. As my tag line says… Creativity is not abo​ut​ the outcome but the process: the experience of creation. I hope these creations inspire you to nurture something into life.

I’m all about reusing items and bringing them back to life in another way or in the same but better way.

​So, with your help let’s be vulnerable and step outside our boxes.
I’ll go first and hopefully you will be inspired to join me and start your own journey of creation.